Flipping blue seats red more than any other GOP direct mail and consulting firm


“Bragging about wins in ‘red’ districts, counties and cities is like dunking on a six-foot rim and thinking you’re Michael Jordan. Our firm takes on tough races and knows how to message swing voters who decide elections.”


Winners of nearly 40 Pollie & Reed Awards for our creative, outside the box, and effective direct mail. Proud to be one of the most awarded GOP direct mail shops in the country.

The first GOP firm to defeat a DCCC Chairman in 40 years

A proven track record of winning tough races

2021 Reed Award
"Professor Pelosi"

2021 Reed Award
"Cliff & Newman"

2020 Pollie Award

2020 Pollie Award
"Doggone Cold"

2020 Pollie Award
"Double Dipper"

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Chris Russell

A co-founder of Checkmate Strategies, Chris Russell is an award-winning direct mail and Republican political consultant who has advised members of Congress, Republican organizations, state legislators, and elected officials on the county and local levels. Since 2017, Russell and his firm have flipped more blue seats to red than any other consultant in the state - and last year was the lead strategist for Mike Lawler for Congress in New York, who became the first Republican to defeat a DCCC Chairman in 40 years. Chris currently serves as a Member of the Political Science Alumni Advisory Board at Temple University, his alma mater from which he graduated in 1995. Chris lives with his wife, Michelle, and daughters Emma (15) and Alyssa (12), in Jackson, NJ, where together they founded a non-profit that has raised over a half-million dollars in honor or their late daughter to help babies and families dealing with premature birth.

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